Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Literacy

The New Landscape of Communication:
Research, Education, and the Everyday

Edited by Margit Böck, Andreas Hudelist, Florian Auernig
Graz: Austrian Literacy Association 2018
Revised edition

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Due to an error in the editorial process, the wrong bibliography was attached to the contribution Heavy Readers and Their Unread Books. Explaining a Common Habit by Katharina Perschak.

That has been corrected; but as a result of the correction the pagination of the following two contributions (British Adolescents’ Literacies in the Digital Age by Xiaofan He & David Wray and The Transformation of the Book Reading Habits in Poland in the Early 21st Century by Izabela Koryś) was affected by one page number in each case. The page numbers have been corrected.

The editorial team hopes that this has not led to great inconvenience.